2 Nigerians And A Chinese Man Having Lunch, Find Out What Happens Next


This was a joke I once published on an online magazine platform. Please share in the fun.

Two Nigerians (an Igbo man and a Yoruba man) and a Chinese man were eating lunch together at a restaurant in Ikeja when suddenly, two flies buzzed through the window and flew straight to their table.

Out of sheer irritation, the Igbo man waved his hands in the air and chased away the flies and they eventually perched on the Yoruba man.

Yoruba, Igbo and Chinese

Photo: geniigames.com. Yoruba, Igbo and Chinese

The Yoruba man from Ibadan flared with fury. He huffed, puffed and swore on all the generations of the flies. He included their great, great grandparents and warned the flies that if they don’t move, he would use his juju and bring the down the wrath of Shopono, the Yoruba deity of ill health, on them. The flies got the message and fearfully left the Yoruba man.

Two scared flies

Photo: youtube.com Two scared flies

Still bewildered by the threat of the Yoruba man, the flies made the costly mistake of perching on the Chinese.  With a karate like flash movement and pinpoint accuracy, the man from China pierced the two flies with his chopsticks. He immediately swallowed them and said with a smile, “Flies delicious and full of vitamins!” The Nigerians were speechless, disgusted and amazed all at the same time.

They later went back to their meals in silence. Barely ten minutes had passed, a horde of flies, apparently related to the two flies suddenly appeared at the window. They buzzed in anger and demanded revenge for the death of their compatriots.

Igbo Photo

Photo: geniigames.com Igbo Photo

The Igbo man, sensing a business opportunity, sprung from his chair towards the window and whispered to the flies, “Nnaa biko (my friends please, in Igbo), if you all must enter this restaurant abeg it is not free o, you must to pay ya ticket online.” So he dropped his account number with the leader of the flies.

After finishing with the flies, he went straight to the Chinese and said, “Chinko, those two flies wey you chop no sweet reach my flies wey dey there,” he pointed to the window, “Oya, how much you go pay for all of them?”

The Chinese man sensing that he was about to be reaped off said, “Chinese flies sweeter and better than Nigerian flies. You should pay me for Chinese flies!’ The Yoruba man bursted into a frenzied laughter and teased the Igbo man for trying to be smart.

Disappointed, the Igbo man went back to the flies saying, “Chinko man talk say you no get value like naira. But if you want to enter this restaurant at all, pay your ticket. See the Chinko, go meet am, na im chop your brother.”

Chai! Igbo man and business.

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