2021 Is Looking Crazy Already: Jeffery Star, Kim And Kanye’s Split, Capitol Hill Ambush, Bobrisky Becomes A Teacher?!!

Kanye and Jeffree source: vulture.com

What a way to kick off the New Year with hot and spicy cocktail stories from around the world. Mind you, we’re barely over a week into 2021, the U.K is back in lockdown, Kanye has, allegedly, left Kim Kardashian for Jeffree Star, America is on the verge of a full-scale civil war and Nigeria’s transgender, Bobrisky, teaches women how to moan during sex. 2021 is looking crazy already.

First of all, the Kim and Kanye divorce rumor

That rumor is likely to be true. After a rough year for the megastar couple, multiple sources have confirmed that Kim is now totally done with the rapper after the pair spent much of 2020 living lives.

Kim and Kanye Source: bbc.com

Kim and Kanye Source: bbc.com

The split came after Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, told her the relationship had to end because Kanye’s volatile behavior throughout 2020 – including publicly branding her Kris Jong-un – was unforgivable. Kanye’s mental breakdown was worsened after his presidential bid. He was recorded accusing Kim of an attempted abortion of their fourth daughter.

Kim is done with the marriage. It has been noticed that she no longer wears her $1.3 million wedding ring. Kim already has hired celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser who handled Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.

Is Jeffery Star Having An Affair With Kanye?

Looks like that piece of news is nothing but trash and Jeffree Star is just tagging along due to the social media vibe.

Kanye and Jeffree source: vulture.com

Kanye and Jeffree source: vulture.com

There’s no evidence that Star and West have ever met, let alone dated.

The rumor that West had cheated on his wife, Kim Kardashian West, with Star all, started on TikTok by Ava Louise, an influencer best known for her song “Skinny Legend Anthem” and a viral video in which she licked an airplane’s toilet seat for what she called the “coronavirus challenge.”

Louise spoke about a Page Six article that reported West and Kardashian West were planning to divorce and said it was “no surprise” because she had known “for months” that West was “hooking up with a very famous beauty guru.”

“A lot of people in the scene have known for a while,” Louise said in the TikTok, then liked comments suggesting Star is the beauty Guru Kanye West had a romantic entanglement with. Of course, the rest of the story was taken over by social media.

Louise told Insider there wasn’t any “concrete evidence” for the theory but said she was friends with an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles who she claimed was provided evidence of the affair by Kim Kardashian months ago.

Louise’s video quickly traveled to Twitter, where “Jeffree” trended throughout the day. Jeffrey, on her part, was quite enjoying social media attention.

Capitol Hill Invasion By Trump Supporters

When we think 2021 was going to take a breather in terms of shockers, the world suddenly witnessed white rioters rampaging the Capitol building in Washington DC spurred by Donald Trump’s speech to reject the presidential election’s outcome.

Capitol Hill ambush source: redefy.org

Capitol Hill ambush source: redefy.org

Although, Trump has acknowledged his loss and said “there will be an orderly transition,” but he continued to push the false notion he was cheated out of the election, which is what caused Wednesday’s Capitol Hill violence in the first place. World leaders have condemned the attack.

Boris Johnson Orders A Third UK Lockdown

Boris Johnson has ordered another lockdown to try to prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed by a surge in coronavirus cases.

Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are also under lockdown.

UK lockdown source: news.sky.com

UK lockdown source: news.sky.com

People in England as a result must stay at home and only go out for essential reasons. Primary and secondary schools have moved to online learning for all pupils. All these are happening despite news of successful breakthroughs in the production of COVID19 vaccines.

Bobrisky Teaches Women How To Moan

Controversial Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky, is having a swell time on social media. Her latest antics is schooling women on how to moan during sex.

Bobrisky is now a teacher

Bobrisky is now a teacher

Despite people poking fun at her mispronunciation of the word ‘moan’ for ‘mourn’, what flamed the embers and got tongues wagging was her demonstration on how to moan.

In a video shot in her car, Bobrisky demonstrated how to moan during sex. Her sultry vocalization and eye-rolling performance could turn on one’s desire and then she added, “If possible please call his name.” She then mentioned a certain, Honourable Deji. The name drop got social media on fire as people asked who Honourable Deji is. Some already speculate that the honorable may be one of Bobrisky’s clients.

Just one week gone in 2021 and our attention span is already stretched to the limit. We certainly need to brace up because the year is turning out to be a roller coaster ride.

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