Astonishing Aston Villa Win Over Arsenal, Sign For Title Contention?

Ollie Watkins scores a brace

Maybe it’s too early to say if newly promoted Aston Villa is a major contender for the Premier League title. But smothering Liverpool 7-2, beating Leicester 0-1, and whitewashing Arsenal 0-3, surely there’s no hiding place for this goldfish. Alas, this is the English Premier League, where everything and anything can happen.

Aston Villa beat Arsenal 0-3

Aston Villa beat Arsenal 0-3

Arsenal had their feathers ruffled right from the sound of the whistle. Matt Targett sent a volley to captain wonderful, Grealish, who passed it to McGinn and the Scotsman powered in an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the net. But, after a short celebration, the goal was ruled offside by VAR. This merely set the precedence for the onslaught by the visitors.

Twenty-five minutes into the first half, Arsenal’s defense went to sleep allowing Barkley to find Targett, and his low cross was sent into the net by Trezeguet.

Ollie Watkins scores a brace

Ollie Watkins scores a brace

With twenty-five minutes to go into the second half, Watkins sealed the deal with two goals in the space of four minutes.

The win by Aston Villa has shown the level of unpredictability the English Premier League is this season. Let’s not forget though, they lost to both Leeds and Southampton, 3-0.

Is it too early to say Aston Villa will replicate a Leicester fairytale run? 

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