BEWARE! See How Scammers Take Advantage Of The Fear Of Coronavirus


Cyber criminals are taking advantage of people’s fear of the coronavirus to defraud victims online.

Some of our smart Nigerian brothers have started stewing new and devious ways of helping themselves through these trying times.


The coronavirus lockdown is already telling economically, on people all around the world.  Nigerians are no exception. Already, financial experts are projecting a terrible economic meltdown as a result of the lockdown.

The post below was sent to a Whatsapp group with the bold headline, *NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT SWINGS INTO ACTION!* After the headline, the message continued:

*All* Nigrian Citizens are Entitled to 8500 per week *to stay* *at* *Home* in a bid to control the spreed of COVID 19.

*The government grant is available to everyone starting From Monday 23 March 2020.* 



Photo: whatsapp

Wow! These our ‘bros’ don’t ever give up. It’s like during this lockdown they still want to ‘parte after parte’ when every firm of partying has been outlawed.

One of the members of the Whatsapp group later responded to the fraudulent post:

“The Federal Goverment Didn’t Approve any 8,500 for anyone…

Those posting it to you are scammers, they’ll put a link you’ll fill and then you Put your name,bank, BVN etc..  Do Not Click it.

If You do: your details would be sent to their Email and that’s all

★ They will have access to Any money in your account.

★ They could Scam people with your details and you’d be the one to Suffer it.

★ They’ll monitor your account and Help you transfer it to their own account or withdraw it..

Be vigilant, be Careful, Don’t be Taken away by Little Rumors!! God bless you,God bless me 

God bless Nigeria…”


Around the world, fake shops, websites, social media accounts and email addresses have suddenly sprung up on the internet more than ever before. Scammers are cashing in on the non-availability of face masks, hand sanitizers and medical supplies in retail outlets to fraudulently extort money from unsuspecting people who fall ‘mugu’ to their deceptively cloned websites. The moment money is sent online, these hoodlums cash out without delivering the items.

Other popular scams include fake phone calls and email phishing.

Scammers! Please forget ‘partey after partey’ and do the needful by giving some of your ill gotten wealth to the less privileged who are living around your area. Be a part of the solution to this global issue, not part of the problem.

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