Bobby Brown Jr.’s Death, Another COVID19 Victim?


The death of Bobby Brown Jr. has brought another tragic focus back on 90’s RnB sensation, Bobby Brown, whose son and name sake passed away at 1.50 pm on the 8th of November, 2020 in his California residence. Brown Jr. was 28 years old.

Bobby Brown Jr. found dead at his home

Bobby Brown Jr. found dead at his home

Speculations as to whether the young musician may have been a casualty of the COVID19 pandemic is very rife since the late musician was reported to have been down with a flu like fever. Investigations are yet to be concluded. Other speculations include the use of drugs.

Mikey Polo

Mikey Polo

But a close friend of Brown Jr., Mikey Polo, has debunked the use of drugs. He strongly claimed that Brown did not use drugs. He also ruled out depression as a cause of Brown’s death.

According to the coroner’s office, which formally identified Robert Brown Jr.,  the cause of death has been listed as “deferred pending additional investigation.”

TMZ reported that “Bobby Brown Jr. was not feeling well in the days leading up to his death and he was experiencing flu-like symptoms … according to his family.”

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown

The unfortunate situation with Brown Jr. prompted recollections of the tragic deaths of his half-sister Bobbi Kristina Brown and his step-mother — Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina was just 22 years old when she died. Their untimely deaths about three years apart were both caused by accidental drowning due to drug use.

Bobby Brown also pointed fingers at  Nick Gordon, after Kristina’s demise (Nick was then Kristina’s boyfriend), for her death. Gordon was taken in by Houston as a child who later developed a relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown. Gordon was found liable in a civil case for her death.  But in January 2020, Gordon also died due to heroin.

Law enforcement has affirmed that there was no foul play in Brown Jr’s death and no drugs were found at the scene but a toxicology test is inevitable.

We commiserate with Bobby Brown, who’s other surviving children include Landon, 34; La’Princia, 30; Cassius, 11; Bodhi, 5; and Hendrix, 4.

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