Bobrisky’s New Year’s Advice: Good Girl No De Pay


For you all who don’t know Bobrisky (Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, born on 31 August 1991), especially if you don’t live in Nigeria, let me give you a brief intro. Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is referred to as a transgender woman in Nigeria.

Mind you, Nigeria does not support LGBT rights. Despite such a hindrance, Bobrisky has beaten all odds to remain relevant albeit through controversial means such as her recent Twitter video. She considers herself as an entertainer.



According to Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager for West Africa, Bobrisky was the most searched individual in Nigeria from October 26 to November 2016

A disclaimer before proceeding with the rest of the article: As a young lady, if you wish to follow Bobrisky’s advice, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!

Bobrisky speaks

Bobrisky speaks

Now that we are over with the disclaimer, Bobrisky, via her Twitter handle, @BobriskyNG, posted a video of her dishing out the corniest 2021 advice to broke-ass ladies. The cross-dressing, slay queen first asked those that are willing to take her advice to get a pen and paper and indicate by raising their hands up.

Bobrisky, without mincing words, said that it doesn’t pay to be a ‘good girl’. She asked what the so-called good girls, who claim they don’t sleep around and don’t cheat on their guys, have achieved in 2020. Bobrisky said that such ‘good girls’ should wake up and ‘let the money spender spend money on them’. She added that such girls will see so much money enough to frighten them.

Bobrisky advise to ladies

Bobrisky advise to ladies

7 Reasons Not To Get Carried Away By Bobrisky’s Advice

1. Bobrisky’s statements are publicity stunts to shock and sway attention to her social media handles.

2. She considers herself as an entertainer so learn to take her advice at that same entertainment level. In order words, it’s all just for fun.

3. The best way to safeguard your life, whether you are a man or a lady, is to play safe.

4. Remember that being broke is part of life’s roller coaster ride. How you eventually overcome being broke determines whether you’ll live a perpetual life of misery or not.

5. Life is all about contentment. Contentment is an art that you need to learn to develop. No matter how much you get from a senator or a sugar daddy, without contentment, you’ll become enslaved to your desires always wanting more.

6. Life is all about simplicity. The higher your maintenance level as a person is, the more stabs you get out of life.

7. Life will present itself as both complicated and simple at the same time depending on our present circumstances. You don’t want to go and complicate your life beyond what it is. But if we learn to practice calmness and solitude, we will begin to make sense of the noise and complications. Especially the noise caused by our actions.

8. Finally, we do not fully understand what life is all about. We can only give our personal opinions and guesses. The way you prepare your bed is how you’ll end up lying down on it.

Remember these 8 points before you decide, in 2021, to pull off your good girl skirt and wear the toga of a masquerade.

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Watch Bobrisky’s 2021 advice to broke-ass ladies

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