Can Farting Spread Coronavirus? Find Out The Truth


As funny as it sounds, the question, ‘whether farting can spread coronavirus?’ is very appropriate. Imagine if this was possible, I doubt whether anybody will find it funny.

This legitimate concern arose as a result of the latest research findings from a research team led by Chinese top medical adviser Zhong Nanshan.

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He said that they had detected novel coronavirus strains from samples of faeces and urine taken from infected patients.

A reliable and authentic response was given by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of Tongzhou district in Beijing. They clarified that there is a possibility of spreading the disease through farting if the infected person farts a large quantity and was bare naked without pants or underwear. Thinking about it sounds scary.

A second criterion for one to get infected through farting is for the person to take a sniff of the fart at close proximity to the patient’s underside.

The Tongzhou district CDC said it had clearly done their homework before stating this pronouncement, citing a fart experiment carried out by Karl Kruszelnicki and Luke Tennent. Their discovery was that pants can screen out germs (including COVID-19). Thank God for pants, pairs of trousers and shorts. Infected people must ensure they wear their all time!


Be rest assured that as long as people fart with their pants on and you, for whatever reason, are not directly sniffing fart from someone’s butt, you are safe.

Covid-19, which has infected nearly 3,539,654 people with 247,033 deaths worldwide, is transmitted through respiratory droplets (through coughing and sneezing) and contact with infected surfaces and patients. New research also suggests that it can also spread through faeces.


For now, WHO has not endorsed any cure for Covid-19. There is no specific treatment for this disease yet. The approach used to treat patients with coronavirus-related infections is to treat the clinical symptoms such as fever and difficulty in breathing. Drugs touted by media outlets as curing the disease, such as chloroquine phosphate, are still experimental and non-conclusive.

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