Dating Disaster! How Blogging Saved Suzan


Meet Suzan, a 40 plus energetic single mother who is enthusiastic about dating again. Elegant black, bold and still beautiful with an eccentric hardworking streak, she knew that men still find her irresistible. She is a single mother residing at Alape Close in Ojo town and teaching in a highbrow school at FESTAC Town, Ojo. Due to the partial lock down, her account was already in red.

Pondering how a single mother with three daughters were going to survive the next horrendous weeks without money, she immediately checked her online blog which she created through an online seminar hosted by, She noticed she has been getting quite a lot of traffic lately, especially on several posts explaining how to make money through blogging and affiliate companies such as Jumia, Shopify and Whogohost.

A smile of satisfaction flashed across her face. A feed back from her phone showed she was about to hit some thousands of naira from blogging. But could this be mere speculation? She needs the money NOW!

Feeling lost and depressed, Suzan opted for option B. And, that will be dating. She had met a guy on Whatsapp group who seemed like a nice, normal guy (don’t they all start out that way?). They both had spent some time sending messages through WhatsApp and finally decided to meet in person.

Suzan adores the outdoors and she had missed going out due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Her new friend looked harmless and even promised to assist financially. No harm in dating this guy, she thought to herself. An hour later, they both sat face to face at a bar in a hotel hidden within Igboelerin at Ojo, Lagos State. 

Everything was going well. They were totally getting along. Halfway through the date, he told her that they were going to hook up with his roommate and his girlfriend. She became slightly irritated. She thought that the occasion was exclusively for two of them. Suzan felt it was a little damn too odd, but decided to go with it. They ended up at the VIP lounge where she met the roommate and his girlfriend. Suddenly, he and Mr. roommate disappeared upstairs roaring with laughter with handshakes and pats on their backs like two little excited ten year olds. Susan was left with the other girlfriend. The boys had the nerve to leave them in the lounge for a good 20 minutes.

Suzan managed to keep calm since the girlfriend was down to earth and accommodating. Thank God. She made Suzan bear the awkward situation like a child swallowing chloroquine tablets. Suzan’s date and the roommate finally came back to join them in the lounge and that was when they dropped the bombshell. 

The men suggested taking a room in the hotel for four of them. Imagine that! Suzan could not take this last bit. This was a dating disaster and wasn’t what she bargained for. Awkwardness had certainly nosedived into a disaster.

Susan, already standing up, had planned to make her getaway but, for some unexplainable reasons, she felt powerless to do anything and she slowly slid back into the leather couch while her mind spun out of control.

Later on, they all left the VIP lounge and headed towards the bar that had a swimming pool. At the second bar, things started to look up. He even kissed her and, to her surprise she concluded that he was a good kisser.

The kiss suddenly marked the beginning and the ending of what looked like a positive turn of events. The roommate showed up out of nowhere. Susan noticed a flurry of movements. This made her shake her head in irritation as the roommate kept trying to get his date to go outside with him and talk. He eventually went outside and Suzan was left all alone. The roommate’s girlfriend finally came back in and with a mocking smirk, she told Suzan that the guys were smoking weed outside!

That was the last straw. Suzan was about to go check on him when his roommate returned trying to look casual. Susan asked where her ‘friend’ was and the only thing the roommate could mutter was that he went home to “get something.” What was actually happening, according to the girlfriend, was that Suzan’s ‘friend’ went home to get some drugs. The roommate also said that he had no idea when he would be back. The liar! Suzan’s madness knew no bounds.

At that moment of rage a miracle suddenly happened. Her phoned buzzed with an alert. Her eyes trailed the message on the phone screen which read that she had been credited with #40000 in her bank account – money earned from her WordPress blog!

Immediately, she pounced out of the bar like a triumphant leopard with game in her jaw. Suzan just wanted to forget about the awful date. On getting home, her ‘friend’ finally called her asking what had happened and why she had left. Susan sneered while talking on the phone and replied that dating is not by force. Since he decided to leave her at the bar without saying anything, she bluntly told him never to call her number again. The worst part was that he didn’t even see any wrong with what he did.

Have you ever had a dating experience ending up like Suzan’s? How did you handle it?

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8 thoughts on “Dating Disaster! How Blogging Saved Suzan

  1. Okoi Motunrayo

    Some guys are just like that, no sense non atomnof regards for ladies. This shows the only and sure way of getting money is through labour. Not the type of labour Susan was evisaging with that idiot. Work with you our hands put your brain to work . This is lovely


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