Davido’s Birthday Greeting To Chioma Causes Social Media Frenzy


Davido can be such a cute gentleman. Amidst the rumour that he and his heart throb, Chioma, are no longer seeing each other, he still finds time to send a birthday greetings to the stunning and beautiful Chef Chi. The birthday message, though,  lacked any element of romantic overtures which is a stark contrast to the popular Assurance lyrics that oozed with so much emotional overture for Chioma. Davido, instead, casually wrote on Chioma’s Instagram page :

“All God’s blessings on your birthday today. Make it a great one. MAMA IFY.”

OMG! Davido canlled Chioma, MAMA IFY! In this part of Africa, in Nigeria, young ladies grown at being called ‘mama whatever’. It’s like saying the lady is old.

Chioma, likewise, reciprocated casually, “Thank you.”

Despite the awkward casualness in the birthday message, the social media community, especially Twitter, was fired up. For instance, many wondered why the Nigerian pop icon would would call Chef Chi, MAMA IFY after carving out his love for Chioma on a timeless hit song like Assurance. Could this be a sign that Davido has found another ‘sister’ and is bored with Chioma?



A Twitter user, @ulxma, posted, “I don’t know which one is worse – the fact that he reposted this picture from someone else’s page or that she went from Chioma My Lover to Mama Ify and that the name is in caps. Omo!.” He also added, “Some of you here don’t even wish your ex on their birthday but “mama ify” Dey vex you. Hypocrites!”

@YourTearsRmine also posted, “Abeg rest. He could have done that from her page directly, or even her page. Why repost from Ubi?”

@Tife_fabunmi observed, “Davido is such an ancient romantic man, The pet name he gave Chioma is Mummy Ify 🤣😍 Davido doesn’t want to use the common sweetheart, sugar, Angel e.t.c🤣”

Whatever is behind the casualness in Davido’s birthday message to Chioma ‘my lover’, you just can’t take away the fact that Davido still has Chioma at the back of his mind.

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