How Man City Fell To Underdogs, Lyon

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Unfortunately I’m not into betting. Prior to Man City’s defeat, I saw a downward trend among English teams generally. Manchester City defeat in the hands of Lyon came as no surprise. Like, my fellow Nigerians would say, “I for hammer if I bet, ” which means I would have won a ton of money if I had money to bet.”

Man City in tears as Lyon sends them packing

Man City in tears as Lyon sends them packing

The agony of defeat can be so painful. Gabriel Jesus was on the field crying. The Man City jersey could not hide his agony. What about Raheem Sterling? He simply laid across the turf, his hands crossed over his eyes. The shock was just too unbearable.

Man City’s mess up

Man City were the obvious favourites to scale through the quarter finals but could not deliver in a match wrought with controversy.
Lyon were simply smoking hot as they went ahead in the 24th minute with Maxwel Cornet’s goal. Then Guardiola decided to play a three-man central defence. In the second half,  Raheem Sterling’s assist during 69th minutes enabled Kevin de Bruyne’s to press home an equalizer.

Lyon too strong for Man City

Lyon too strong for Man City

City lost because of a wrong game plan. Check out their performance, it was not good enough. Man City’s arsenal of talented players were also not utilised begging the question, why didn’t Pep use them? Guardiola left out his playmakers, and as a result were not able to control midfield like they would usually do.
Guardiola is a brilliant coach and usually his teams are never this dismal to watch, but this time around he went south in Lisbon.
His team’s set-up was indeed weird, taking so much time to make necessary changes since it was too obvious right from the onset that his master plan was not working.

Guardiola in shock

Guardiola in shock

Lyon showed disciplined throughout the match. They took their chances and pushed very hard. They were hungry.
Man City’s conceded goal were cheap goals. The first goal is just from a ball over the top, and the second one was a gift, when it looked like City were starting to get a bit of control of the game at 1-1.

Dembele became Man City’s Spoiler

Former Celtic striker Moussa Dembele came in as a substitute giving Lyon a contentious lead 11 minutes from time. The video assistant referee ignored what appeared to be an obvious foul by the Dembele sent the ball through Ederson.
Sterling’s shocking miss proved very expensive after which Dembele sealed Man City’s hopes by scoring his second goal.

Man City is the most expensively assembled squad in soccer history. But the cooky crumbled for them after they lost 3-1 to the number 7 team in the French league.

Dembele's brace sealed up Man City's hopes

Dembele’s brace sealed up Man City’s hopes

Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes had this to say, “It’s incredible because we’re the surprise team. I don’t think many people expected us to reach this stage of the competition.”

Lyon now prepares to face the rampaging German machines, Bayern Munich, in its first Champions League semifinal in a decade,

“We need to learn. It’s not good enough and that’s it, Different year, same stuff.” Kevin Bruyne said

The Champions League title has eluded Pep Guardiola since 2011, as a coach with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and now, Man City. So far this season, Guardiola can only boast of winning the League Cup.

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