How Jennifer Lopez Looks Half Her Age At Over 50


Jennifer Lopez will celebrate her 51st birthday on the 24th of July. But, she still still looks 22. And this is without makeup, filters or face app. The diva just keeps defying normal aging process. J-Lo calls it ‘reverse aging’.

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She recently bore out her mind on her reverse aging. J-Lo started off with her dinner. When it comes to dinner time she said that she does not joke with rice and beans with pork and chicken cooked in the Puerto Rican style.

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Jennifer Lopez also added that she eats veggies and drinks lots of water.

 Her third routine is exercise. She is an exercise freak.

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Fourthly, she doesn’t joke with her skincare habits, which include the occasional microcurrent facial, intense pulsed-light treatment, and prescription cream.

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Her final secret is positive thinking. Jennifer Lopez said she doesn’t waist time on negative thoughts. As much as possible, she mentally tries to be aware of her state of mind and works hard at being positive.

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Do you feel J-Lo has told us everything about her reverse aging?

What do you think 🤔?

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