Kaduna Hisbah Police Bans Sunglasses

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Hisbah police

If you are a lover of sunglasses, check out this report that may cause you to wonder.

It’s a news item attributed to a report by SaharaReporter. They reported that an Islamic religious police known as the Hisbah has the wearing of sunglasses. This report is said to come from a village called Kurigah in Kaduna State of Nigeria.

Lady with sunshades

Lady with sunshades

The purported news informed that sunglasses, which is one of the world’s favourite fashion accessories since 1921, has been out rightly banned from being worn by females. The report hinged its facts of the ban on complaints from two residents of the Kurigah community. In addition, the ban is not limited to sunglasses but also to the use of cell phones, keeping of afro hairdo, listening and dancing to hip-hop songs that are classified as unIslamic. Repercussions include beatings and seizure of items by the Hisbah police.

Hisbah police

Hisbah police

It’s funny that the facts of the story emanated from just two complainants. The SaharaReporters stated that one “resident of the community “raised the alarm over the increasing repressive activities of the religious police in the region.” 

In addition, there was a picture of a list showing unIslamic activities banned by Hisbah from ‘Kebbi State’ written in Hausa. A translation to Englush language goes like this:

List Of ‘Un-Islamic’ Things Banned By Hisbah In Kebbi State 

-Sagging trousers

-‘Stupid haircuts’


-Staying out late past 6 pm in the market to sell goods.

-Carrying of two women on a motorcycle

-Use of curved plates and bowls

-Listening/dancing to music by D.J, Wasigidi.

Source: twitter.com

The purported ban was reported by a NEW YORK correspondence of SaharaReporters.

This news item, due to its sensational nature, has gone viral with so many blogs re-echoing its content. The report seems to be lopsided begging the following questions: Why base such sensitive allegations on just complaints from two community residents? How does the list of unIslamic activities banned by Hisbah from ‘Kebbi State’ have anything to do with the Hisbah allegations in Kaduna State? Finally, what happened to proper investigative journalism in terms of getting a reaction from a member of the Hisbah police in Kaduna? I guess the writer of the report was just too far away in New York.



The Hisbah is an Islamic doctrine which means “accountability”. They claim to intervene and “enjoin good and forbid wrong” in order to maintain the norms of sharia (Islamic law) which has became the rationale for the creation of an Islamic religious police.



Hisbah recently made headlines for shaving off stylish haircuts of young men in Kano, arresting people for improper dressing and seizing tricycles from riders who decorate their tricycles with pictures considered to be obscene and against the tenets of Islam.

It is truly inspiring when reading a report steep in proper research backed by facts. With the recent stir caused by the SaharaReporters write up, a sound advice is to get views from members of the Hisbah group. Maybe a comment from Mallam El-Rufai, governor of Kaduna State or a members of the State Government in order to understand the truth behind these allegations. This will give a proper balance to the story. 

Check out Hisbah police activities in this video

What do you think of northern Nigerian states adopting the Hisbah police?

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