5 Quick Tips For Parents Whose Kids Have Learning Difficulties


A child with learning difficulties can indeed evoke feelings of frustration and despair in parents. The most essential key to helping children is to build their self-confidence. Although, doing this is easier said than done. Let’s help you out with these 5 quick tips if you are in such a situation.

A child with learning difficulties

Photo: kidspeak.info A child with learning difficulties

1. Give continuous assurance

There must be continuous reassurance that the child can find success at school and in life. Fundamentally, all children need love, encouragement, and support. Same goes to kids with learning disabilities. In the long run, love reinforces a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.

Confidence is needed

Photo: ilslearning.com     Confidence is needed

2. Teach the child to embrace the challenge

As a parent (or a teacher) you can provide social and emotional tools for that child to ultimately face the challenge.The challenge may never go away. Teaching and encouraging the child to accept the challenge of being a slow learner will ultimately lead to resilience.

Photo: childline.co.uk

Photo: childline.co.uk     Embrace the challenge

3. Create a good attitude in the child

A child can also be taught to put up a good attitude in the face of learning difficulties. When the child finally discovers on his own that repeating a task over and over is the key to success, the child would have achieved an 80% success over his learning disabilities.

4. Create a time out from all the stress

Adults too have learning disabilities when faced with challenges or undue pressures. Our faculties simply shut down until we are back to a relaxed and normal state.

Even adults have challenges

Photo: dyslexia.com    Even adults have challenges

Same applies to a child with learning difficulties. It’s important to note that a child’s stress pattern has a great impact on learning. Once these patterns are established, the child should be taught how to react appropriately. Probably, when such crisis moments show up, take a rest.

Photo: independent.ie

Photo: independent.ie

5. Avoid exploiters

Do not be deceived by exploiters who promise miracles just for you to part with some outrageous amounts. You may be tempted to look to teachers, therapists and doctors for solutions. Professionals can come in when such a child is beyond your capability. But be rest assured that most of the time, you are the best professional to your child. It’s advisable to become your own expert. Do your research. 

These Personalities Grew Up With Learning Difficulty

Do you know that some legends of our time did not go to special schools or get tutored by some fancy specialists in order to move on in life?

Richard Branson

Photo: ashoka.com     Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Take a tip from Richard Branson, one of the richest men in the world. He is dyslexic. The billionaire entrepreneur is the only person in the world to have built eight billion-dollar companies from scratch, and believe it or not, he credits his learning “disability” for much of his success. Says Branson, “The reason why I think people who are dyslexic seem to do well in life, having struggled at school, is that we tend to simplify things.”

Tom Cruise

Photo: moneyinc.com Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Big time star Tom Cruise was first diagnosed with dyslexia at age seven. Despite this early diagnosis, Cruise reports having had a rough childhood. Not only was he bullied by his peers for his learning disability, but he was also often frustrated and bored.

Whoopi Goldberg

Photo: abcnews.go.com    Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Actress, producer, and writer Whoopi Goldberg is one of only 15 people to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. This is despite having dyslexia, a learning disability that makes it difficult to decipher letters and words.

Final Word

The blatant truth is that, we all have one form of difficulty or another because no one is born perfect. Children have various degrees of learning difficulties. Some of these difficulties are outgrown, while others don’t ever go away. The ones that don’t go away need to be managed throughout their lives.

Learning difficulties in kids are similar to what everyone still goes through in our day to day lives. It can be managed.

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21 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips For Parents Whose Kids Have Learning Difficulties

  1. Heather Ritchie

    I love this post because many children have learning difficulties but they can really get discouraged and think there is something wrong with them. Assuring them and helping them meet it as a challenge teaches them other valuable life skills and lessons. We all learn different ways and those post proves anyone can be successful!

    1. Anthony Garland Post author

      Your honest remark is well appreciated by us. There is also that exasperated spirit displayed by such parents who feel they may never see any improvement. Whereas patience and time unlocks the wonderful potentials hidden in such children.

  2. krazzz

    There is also a celebrity in my country with learning disability. Your post is gonna boost up the confidence level of all parents. I ageee… Stay away from exploiters!!! Inspiring post 👍

  3. Ashish

    Loved this post it’s helpful and you write it very well and also you put a great example like Tom Cruise some can motivate too for thier children.

  4. Kord Blog

    I think that this is a post every parent should read. This disability is curable, it only requires long term practices and care!


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