Lagos State Will Soon Revert To Full Lockdown


Lagos State Government has threatened  to revert to full lockdown if there is no progress in terms of abidance to the public health guidelines.

The government cited that in the first week of the easing of the lockdown, there had been a constant disregard for the earlier announced health guidelines. The governor said that this is frustrating the government’s efforts to contain the virus.

He pointed out that the compliance with the use of face masks and social distancing directive had not been fully complied with and infected cases are on the rise.

The governor regretted that the crowds that besieged commercial banks and the poor compliance by danfo drivers violated the social distancing directive. However, he noted that the Lagos Bus Service and water transportation showed some level of compliance.

“As a government elected to uphold the security of its citizens, which includes health security, we will not hesitate to review the terms of the lockdown if we do not see an improvement in the adherence to our public health guidelines over the next couple of days,” Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said in a Saturday evening tweet.

The massive advocacy on social distancing has had little impact so far as crowds at banks & markets across the state flouted the social distancing guidelines, prompting the governor to reiterate that the State will be forced to take the painful decision of bringing everyone under lockdown.  

Governor Sanwo -Olu noted that low compliance on social distancing directives had been observed from operators of commercial buses, and commercial motorcycles, which were still plying roads despite the suspension of their activities.

To bring the situation under control, the state government has directed security agencies to seize any motorcycle or commercial bus flouting Lagos State’s safety rules.

However, Sanwo-Olu, said five days into this gradual easing, “we can look back and pronounce a verdict on the general levels of compliance in major sectors of our economy.

“Let me start with the encouraging news. We have seen our manufacturing and construction companies gradually ease back into operation. We are happy with the level of compliance in this sector, as well as the beneficial impact of this limited resumption on our economy.

“In the case of our intra-state commuting, and particularly with our BRT and LBSL Buses, and water transport operations, substantial compliance with the carriage policy of no more than 60 percent of maximum capacity was recorded. Markets and Mechanic Villages also demonstrated significant compliance.

“In terms of open markets and stores, our directive was that food and farm produce markets will open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while markets dealing in other items will open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We have seen high levels of compliance in this regard, as well as in the maintenance of physical distancing and the use of face masks in the markets,” he said.

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