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During an interview conducted by Nigeria’s new grassroot musical act, Melete, reached out to DMW boss, David Adeleke, aka Davido, thanking him for inspiration and advising bloggers from excavating Davido and Chioma’s trying moments.  The interview came up after ovasabi.com.ng had monitored Melete’s performances at the Demeros hotel at Magodo and the African Shrine, Agidingbi. The interview was conducted in order to know more about him and his hit sensation titled Adama.

Please introduce yourself to the world

My name is Emeka Anuku. My stage name is Melete. I was born on the 1st of June, 1989. I hail from Agwu Local Government Area of Enugu State. But I was born in Anambra. I am single and I play Afro hip-hop.

How did you venture into music?

My musical journey began in Anambra State. Then I was very young and I had guys who were into studio recording. Like I said, I was very young. Back then was when I started writing songs. I came to Lagos in the year 2010 but had to hustle the Lagos hustle in order to survive. When the time came, I went into the studio to fulfill my ambition by recording my current songs.

Why are you reaching out to Davido?

David is my number one Nigerian artist. He inspired me to take that bold step of stepping into the studio to record my songs. I am a grassroots upcoming artist. If a world renowned mega star like Davido focuses his attention on Melete and probably do a collabo,  then for sure, Melete will blow. Another musician I hope will call on Melete is Phyno. Phyno is another musician that has inspired a huge number of Igbo youths, like myself, into doing music.

Do you have favourite international artists?

Melete says leave Davido and Chioma alone

Davido and Chioma

Yes I do. My favourite international artists are Jay Z, Kanye West, 50 Cents, Usher and Young MA. Apart from their rapping prowess, Jay Z and Kanye West have the entrepreneurial Igbo spirit. Sometimes I see them as of Igbo origin. They truly inspire me.

What is your take on Chioma and Davido’s alleged breakup?

David is my mentor. All this news going around, which is being spread by mostly bloggers, about Chioma’s breakup with Davido is certainly not okay with me. People should lay off Davido’s issues and face his achievements as a musician. I have a sister also named Chioma. Davidi’s Chioma is also my sister because she is an Igbo lady. Most of these stories are fuelled by haters. Who in this world doesn’t experience relationship issues?

If you have the chance to leave Nigeria to another country, which country will it be and why?



Like most Nigerians, my answer is the United States of America, God’s own country. I choose the USA because of their vast opportunities. I’m aware some of our stars have tried to make it in the US but could not and had to come back to Nigeria. An example is the Dbanj. But I’m an Igbo man and we are very industrious. There is no part of the world an Igbo man cannot make it, not to talk about a place of vast opportunities like the US.

What’s your take on COVID-19 in Nigeria?

As an aspiring artist, it is not funny. The entertainment industry is still on lockdown. For now one can only do social media awareness and hope the country gets back to normal.

Has music started paying your bills? 

Adama by Melete

Adama by Melete

Music has been very supportive until the coronavirus pandemic. But in terms of paying the bills, I would say, I’m still expecting more from my music.

What is Adama, your new release, all about?

Adama is a romantic song expressing strong emotions for a lady. In this song, I made sure I remain true to my roots by not faking accents but using my true Igbo accent of which I’m proud of. I also expressed the feelings of love in the most simple ways to which most Igbo ladies can relate to.

How can you be contacted and how can people get your music?

My music can be downloaded for free from Sunshinemusic.com. You can contact me for shows through my management team at ovasabi.com.ng.

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