Nigerian Internet Scammers Are Becoming Much Younger


My generation of innocence has officially joined the league of dinosaurs – we have become extinct, wiped out! Lagos and most parts of Nigeria have been overtaken by a younger generation of villainous internet scammers wielding Iphones, super fast laptops, driving fancy cars and living in porch hotels.

Nigerian internet fraudster

Nigerian internet fraudster

The first wave of Nigerian 419 scammers were mostly uneducated criminals.

The next group comprised young, educated men who were frustrated by the lack of formal jobs in an economy ruined by a series of military dictatorships and years of mismanagement.

They noticed the uneducated scammers accumulating wealth and esteem, and decided to join them.

After that followed a batch that simply admired the scammers.

They had observed the scammers establish legitimate businesses from fraudulent funds, and become respected philanthropists or politicians in senior leadership positions.

These people are the inspiration for many up-and-coming scammers, and many young Nigerians consider scamming a career path and a valid source of income.

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Young internet fraudster

Young internet fraudster

Kids as young as 14 and 15 now brazenly talk about millions of naira in their account. They have become fearless, arrogant, and darn disrespectful. These kids go about by a new appellation. Once upon a time scammers were popularly tagged, Nigerian prince scammers, 419, Yahoo-Yahoo, Yahoo boys, Yahoo plus, Yahoo Plus-Plus. Their latest toga is the G-boys or Game boys and like everything money, they’ve become phenomenal with the orientation that they are merely playing a game. 

The harsh economic realities have deadened the mentality of most Nigerians that many now agree with these criminals that it’s mere game. Nothing can shroud the truth that scammers are criminals and they are certainly becoming ever younger.

Most hotels in Nigeria are grateful for the G-boys’ patronage. No thanks to the lull in business caused by the Pandemic. The G-boys have relentlessly rolled in foreign exchange via conned money. The young wolves on the block are armed to the teeth with money. They book hotel rooms for months into a whole year using the cosy and private environment to perpetrate their crime. 

With money comes connection. Connection breeds their brazen attitude of no respecter of the common people. They seem to have good connections with law enforcement agents going as far as hanging military and police insignia on the windscreen mirror of very expensive and latest model cars.

They have become young gods, talking tough and ready to deal with anyone who stands in their way. Every neighborhood now, seems to boast of a youth who has cashed out  through internet scam. 

But the dilemma now is that other forms of crime are hiding within the mask of an internet fraudster. Kidnappers who may have obtained ransom money from their victims claim to be G-boys. Same goes for armed robbers, car thieves and ritualists who deal in the sale of human body parts. Hey, Europe and the US, what are you guys looking at? Our kids have taken over the scamming game. Please up your game now and bring back sanity to our land because the kids have taken over!

A young punk kid in JS3 (grade 9) got tossed out of his school after arriving extremely late for class. The kid rained insults on his school teachers and principal claiming he has the money to pay their salaries and build a school of his own. Outrageous! Make sure you watch the video below.

Meanwhile, a hotel at Ikeja, Lagos State was thrown into confusion after some G-boys insisted on beating the living daylights out of a prostitute whom they claimed stole a Rolex worth 5 million naira. The owner of the hotel was fast to call the police who quickly whisked the young lady away to their station for her safety. It was rumored that if it wasn’t the timely intervention of the Hotel proprietor and the police, the boys would have  murdered the prostitute In cold blood.

Another incident that proves Nigerian scammers are growing younger was a fourteen year old boy who told his friends of how he made up to two million naira after changing some dollars with the local money changers. How did such a boy make the amount of money his father has never dreamt of touching? Ofcourse, this is possible through Yahoo-Yahoo, internet scam.

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