Nuhu Ribadu Blasted For Daughter’s Wedding Dress


Some of us may not see anything wrong with a beautiful white wedding gown showing off a bit of the bride’s chest but some Nigerian Moslems didn’t find it funny at all.

After dropping his daughter, who just got married, in her new home, Tweeter users, mostly Muslims, came hard on Nuhu Ribadu for allowing his daughter to wear such a revealing wedding gown that exposes parts of her cleavages.

According to Ribadu, he tweeted, “I just dropped off my daughter, Fatima, in her new home. It’s an emotionally fulfilling exercise for a father.
I deeply appreciate the honor done to my family by those who attended the wedding Fatima earlier today, and those who sent in their goodwill and prayers.
I thank you all.”

Aliyu and Fatima's wedding

Aliyu and Fatima’s wedding

Immediately after Ribadu’s message of gratitude, the Twitter moslem community went into overdrive condemning his  daughter’s wedding outfit. A Tweeter user, @sadeeqisah8 asked, “Malam please can you justify this dress that she wore today Islamically?”

Another user, @SanusiAhmed1, added a dash of sarcasm saying, “With due respect sir, you Dropped her almost naked and this dress is against the teaching of Islam.”

Top APC and PDP members are Aliku and Fatima's wedding

Top APC and PDP members are Aliku and Fatima’s wedding

@YusufUtoncy bluntly remarked, “Malam the dressing of your daughter is an insult to the Fulani Community and Muslims Ummah at Large😢. This is very unfortunate and terrible, even her fathers, in-laws, & bridegroom are there but they couldn’t call her attention into order😢 Ya Allah guide us and our Family.

The wedding between the children of top politicians Aliyu Abubakar Atiku (Atiku Abubakar’s son) and Fatima Ribadu (Nuhu Ribadu’s daughter) which took place in the Aso Drive area of Abuja was witnessed by the high and mighty from both the APC and PDP. The entourage included Bola Tinubu, Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State, and Chief Bisi Akande, hosted by former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, and ex-Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu. 



Moslems tweet their dislike of Fatima’s wedding dress.

@MakerKuta tweeted, “Really emotional. But sir I was personally caught by surprise that improper attire she earlier wore. Sir may I remind you that death and judgment of Allah are certain. Let seek for Allah’s forgiveness and we must be conscious of our actions.”

The apology 

In a statement later issued on Instagram on Tuesday, October 5,  Fatima apologized by explaining that the colour fabric under the dress is same with her skin which made people think she exposed her skin.

She started:

“I got married on Saturday 03/10/20 and some pictures of me that were taken inside our home got out and was shared on social media,”

“This is an action which I sincerely regret. I apologize to my friends and family for this mistake and want to sincerely thank each and everyone that has risen to my defense,”

“My under dress, which was brownish was mistaken for being my skin and exposing my body. I will never do such,”

“However, I accept responsibility for causing my family and wellwishers this dismay and will learn froom this going forward.”

Watch a video clip showing her wedding dress

What do you think folks? Is Fatima’s wedding dress too revealing for a Muslim? Kindly share your opinion. Also share our article.

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3 thoughts on “Nuhu Ribadu Blasted For Daughter’s Wedding Dress

  1. Debby

    Nice one Ovasabi.
    Ha, the wedding dress is truly too revealing.Even Christains will criticise such fashion.
    We need be stylish but not to the point of such ‘revelations’.

  2. Anthony Garland Post author

    I felt the same way seeing the way people, especially moslems, bombarded Mallam Nuhu because of a wedding dressing. Btw I love that wedding dress. I can recommend it to my first daughter on her marriage.
    Thanks for your response.


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