11 Cheeky Reasons Older Women Are Loved By Younger Men


Jada Pinkett-Smith ‘entanglement’ with singer August Alsina is seriously trending after Jada and Will Smith let it all out on their Facebook Red Table Talk show. The frank talk on their personal lives led to an all time record view of over 15 million in one day. What is of concern here is what a young dude like Alsina must have seen in middle aged Jada. Read on.

Older women who are attracted by younger men into a relationship happens because of basic human instinct. Basic human instinct in this case refers to the natural desires of both partners. Such relationships at a point in time were frowned upon with scorn depending on the intellectual level of the society.

Now in our modern day, which touts itself to be open minded, age difference is gradually fading away as a taboo. Age seems no longer playing such a big role anymore. Younger men are attracted to older women more than ever. You might be surprised to find out some reasons that spur such relationships. Read on.

1 Older women know what they want.

Why younger men find older women attractive

Why younger men find older women attractive

Younger ladies are forever exploring the world through relationships and drama. The older women have passed through all that. Men instinctively know that with an older women in the house, there is nothing like guesswork. So he has absolute confidence in her judgement.

2 Older women are more knowledgeable about life.

When it comes to dating, and relationships, you simply cannot compare an older woman to a younger person. Her expertise and understanding on life’s issues coupled with her abundant hands on experience in life helps the man issues more realistically. Her tutoring most of the time may even pave the way to a higher intellectual experience.

3  Older women make you look at things from a different perspective.

The cougar

The cougar

An older woman will help you understand your feelings at a deeper level. She is an expert at offering a different point of view. This important trait offers the younger man an opportunity to explore different terrains. The bottom line is the creation of a stronger connection within the partnership leading to a more mature relationship.

4 Older women have confidence.

While younger ladies are still seeking attention and approval from the public, an older woman is comfortable in her own terrain. She doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone and she is not looking for approval. She feels comfortable in the world. Her confidence and the way she carries herself is just magnetic. Older ladies enjoy men’s attention while also focusing on other important things.

5 They are emotionally balanced.

Older white lady getting married to a younger black man

Older white lady getting married to a younger black man

The fact that older women have moved on with their lives, they surely know how to control their emotions. They know how to balance play and work. They can be as playful and fun loving as a younger woman. They can be witty. They can be chatty. They also know how to create time for their partners.

6 Their tastes are refined.

There is this sense of calmness in older women. Younger ladies due to youthfulness can be invigorating with reckless energy which is adorable and tempting. But not all men succumb to such reckless, boisterous energy. Some young men prefer a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere which the older women provide.  

7  Older women are intelligent in conversation.

Young men find older women's maturity appealing

Young men find older women’s maturity appealing

Compared to younger woman’s shallow life’s experience, an older woman is a rich repository of experience which reflects in her conversations. Her choice of words are seasoned with salt and colourful with deep endearing meaning.

8 They are financially independent.

Younger men can’t resist older women who would not bother them with nagging responsibilities. These are women who wouldn’t flinch when it comes to bringing out the dough. Men don’t mind being spoilt once in a while by their women and that is what an older woman can provide for her man.

9 Their kids have left the nest.

Younger men feel more secure

Younger men feel more secure

Men love the full attention they get from older women and this is possible because the woman’s older kids are independent and must have left the house to establish their own family, This allows a man and his older passion to concentrate on each other and give their fullest to their partner.

10 She is motherly.

Only a mother can give motherly passion. A trait younger women can never muster. Some men seek out mature women because they want to be taken care of. We are talking here about the mental and emotional support that an older woman can give to her man

11 She is a better home organiser.

Some men and a few young ladies suck when it comes to organising a home. The younger man simply adores an older woman who can organise without breaking a sweat. 

Do you agree these points?  As a young man would you date an older woman? Kindly relate with by putting down your opinion below. 

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