P-Square’s Mr. P In ‘Shirtless’ Video Angers Ezekwesili


Mr. P (of the P-Square fame) just ranted through Twitter video about his support for ending FSARS (Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad). In the video, he pointed out that Nigerians are no longer scared of armed robbers because their fear have shifted to that of members of the special anti robbery squad.

Mr. P of the defunct P-Square

Shirtless Mr. P of the defunct P-Square

Earlier, Muhammed Adamu, the inspector general of police (IGP) banned the controversial anti-robbery unit,  the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) and other tactical squads involved in carrying out stop-and-search operations and mounting roadblocks with immediate effect”.

Muhammed Adamu, the inspector general of police

Muhammed Adamu, the inspector general of police

This decision was taken due to overwhelming accusations of abuses by Nigerians. SARS and other tactical police units have also been banned from “invasion of privacy of citizens particularly through indiscriminate and unauthorised search of mobiles, laptops and smart devices.”

Mr. P emphatically said, “…Please end SARS, we don’t need them! Because soon, everybody would start protecting themselves, trust me! This people (SARS) are robbing people. How many times have people shown their evidence that they are being taken to ATM, take them to bank, they transfer money. For he long, mehn?!”

As the video went viral, over the air personality, Sandra Ezekwisili (Nigeriainfo radio presenter) criticized Mr. P in a tweet, for not putting a shirt on.

Sandra Ezekwisili (Nigeriainfo radio presenter)

Sandra Ezekwisili (Nigeriainfo radio presenter)

Here’s her tweet, “Male privilege is making a viral shirtless video and having everyone pay attention only to your message.” This sparked off a barrage of opposing tweets from fans of Mr.P and Sandra. Trust tweeter for so much fun on such serious trending issues. Check out some responses to Sandra pointing out that Mr. P uses his ‘male privilege’ in making a viral shirtless video:

@FatolaFabs: “Rudeboy made a one-minute video, that’s a lot of time, that 59 seconds! Just to show his full support on the trending topic but it’s his nipples that one aunty Sandra was busy looking at.”

@joshuer_brands:”I remember when Tacha did a video speaking against the cause of an explosion in Lagos earlier this year with much of her cleavage been exposed. We were told to focus on the message and close our eyes to any other thing. Tables turned and Sandra believes it is male privilege.”

@ejemegwaisaac: “Not many people will understand Sandra. If it was a woman that made that same video topless and said the same words, everybody would say she’s chasing clout. Sandra isn’t saying that women don’t have their own privileges too. Please take it easy on her. She’s one of the good ones.”

@o_kanyy: “Sandra, as a hero of feminism you can actually dismantle the male privilege and patriarchy in our society by making a shirtless video. Believe me we would concentrate on your message.”

Peter Okoye, Mr. P

Peter Okoye, Mr. P

Peter Okoye, half of the defunct P-Square, is known by his stage name, Mr.P.  He was born on November 18th, 1981 in the quiet town of Jos. His family hails from Ifite, Dunu, in Anambra State.

Sandra Sopuluchukwu Ezekwesili, on the other hand is a Nigerian Broadcast Journalist, and Media Personality. She hosts the drive time News and Current Affairs radio show, “Hard Facts” on Nigeria Info 99.3FM in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a daughter to former Finance Minister, Mrs Ngozi Ezekwesili.

Watch Mr. P rant about SARS

What do you think about Sandra’s remarks: on point or out of tune?

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