Pregnant Woman Thrown Into SARS Cell By Femi Fani-Kayode’s Wife

FFK and Precious, can they save their marriage?

A pregnant woman, Kemi Akinmuda, was allegedly thrown into thee police cell for no good reason.

Former Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode seemed to be embroiled in this controversy. His enstranged wife, former beauty queen, Precious, had incarcerated the eight month old pregnant woman thinking she was a lover of Femi Fani- Kayode.

Earlier, a leaked video showed the ex-minister accusing his wife of stirring up one controversy after another. Precious was heard in the background, complaining that he should ‘stop abusing’ her.

Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

A fresh controversy involving the mother of four alleged alleges that she threw an eight-month-old pregnant mother into the dingy floors of a SARS cell.

Earlier, it was reported by Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) that he had caught his wife, pants down, with a Naval officer having unlawful sex.

According to FFK, he has facts, witnesses, and evidence available for the courts.

Precious and Femi Fani-Kayode

Precious and Femi Fani-Kayode

“I have chosen to take the high horse and I refuse to allow my estranged wife to turn the affairs of my personal life into a public circus. If she has any issues, let her use the right medium as a responsible adult and mother and stop secretly feeding the media with damaging scandals geared towards the destruction of our children’s future.”

While the adulterous revelation made the news, Precious was reportedly busy fanning the flames of marital abuse. A purported message from Prisca, who claimed to be a sister to Precious, mentioned how she had warned Precious to leave FFK due to marital violence. Prisca claimed that FFK even beats her up during pregnancy. She added that Precious tolerated the beatings and stayed in the marriage because FFK footed the bills of their late mother’s medical bills.

Presently, Mrs. Fani-Kayode is accused to have thrown an eight-month-old pregnant woman into a police cell. Hot tweets from controversial blogger/pharmacist, Kemi Olunloyo added more revelation to this new development. Hear her:

Kemi Olulonyo

Kemi Olulonyo

“Do you know that Precious Fani-Kayode was OBSESSED with her husband’s past girlfriends? She tried to eliminate one of them from his life. Elizabeth Akinmuda. This lady visited him from Scotland last week as seen on his Instagram page. I wanted to know more.

Precious was so desperate that she used some kind of Mrs #Fanipower to have Elizabeth ARRESTED 😲👀 After stealing Elizabeth’s number from FFK’s phone, she had police trace it and boom💥 an arrest was made😲 For what? Sadly the cops arrested an 8 mos, old pregnant woman!

It was Kemi Akinmuda, Elizabeth’s sister in Nigeria. She was heavily pregnant and arrested in front of her 3 children and husband and thrown into a police cell. Precious missed Elizabeth who had returned to Scotland. The number was her “Nigerian” line belonging to Kemi👀

Pregnant Kemi Akinmuda suffered while in police custody and FFK got a call from an elderly couple crying. They were MFM Pastors begging Femi for their daughter to leave police custody and she was innocent of any crime. FFK had no idea and approached Precious angrily.

Precious Fani-Kayode claims domestic abuse yet she inflicted EMOTIONAL ABUSE on a pregnant woman and sister of a rival. Elizabeth Akinmuda leaked DM’s too Precious WARNING her on this trip to Nigeria regarding Mrs. Fani-Kayode’s abuse of power. Akinmuda was quite angry😠

Akinmuda expressed her shock over the knife incident when Precious Allegedly planned to stab her husband and children, called Precious an ingrate with Precious even try to tell Akinmuda she’s been forgiven me when it was the other way around.

After FFK had Kemi Akinmuda released, Elizabeth was very angry and who wouldn’t? She could have lost her baby, crying in the police cell in deplorable conditions. Precious was heartless! One of the things FFK said on this video now makes sense. “Scandal after Scandal”.

FFK's new wife?

FFK’s new wife?

Beneath all these ‘monkey’ charade maligning the holy matrimony of marriage are the facts that FFK is a ‘ladies’ man’. Women adore the  ex-minister. He himself justified the fact that his lady friends bring him comfort especially now the rumor mills have it that FFK was about to take on a new wife following his separation from Precious. But FFK cleared the air by negating these assertions saying,

“There have been wild speculations in the social media that I am planning to get married again. This is false.

“Miss Halima Yusuf, who has been cited as my fiancee, is simply a dear friend and confidante who I have the utmost respect for and who I hold in high esteem.

“She, together with others, has been a source of immense comfort for me and mine at this time and for this, I am eternally grateful to her.”

FFK and Precious, can they save their marriage?

FFK and Precious, can they save their marriage?

It is absolutely wrong if the alleged incarceration of Kemi Akinmuda is true. In saner climes, Precious would be sued for millions. FFK mentioned once that he and his wife are still together. It is better the couple is left alone to wash and iron out their dirty linens. Of course, wash them in private since no marriage is perfect.

Check out this video of FFK and his Precious wife. Can’t they make it work again?

Do you think Femi Fani-Kayode can still save his 4th marriage?


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