How Low Life Scammers With No Morals Led Elderly Man To Suicide

Scammers prey on vulnerable old folks

The world has gone completely insane when it comes to stealing money from people, especially from vulnerable old folks. Scammers lack decency and morals and do not care whether the victim is their parent. I happen to read this story on Quora and thought I should share it with you. 

Albert Poland Jr. at 81 years was a true family man who had retired after 45 years in a factory in Tennessee. He had two kids who are already adults and he lived with his wife as a retiree. Unfortunately, Albert Poland suffered from both Alzheimer’s and dementia which affected his brain function.

Albert Poland

Albert Poland

In 2011,  Albert answered his phone after a Jamaican number called him. As he answered, the conversation began nicely and warn and the caller told him that he had just won 3 million dollars!

At this point, the old man, who was desperate to pay off his son’s mortgage and take care of his family, was very happy. Albert was practically over the moon. Despite suffering from dementia, he was still fully aware of the needs of the people around him. Unfortunately, his mental condition might have also led him to lay down his guard against nasty opportunistic scammers like the one that got him talking.

Scammers prey on vulnerable old folks

Scammers prey on vulnerable old folks

The usual format scam was employed and Albert fell right into the trap. According to the Jamaican caller, all Albert had to do was send a small fee of USD 1,500, for tax purposes. The trusting old man sent the money. Of course, the cash prize never came. The Jamaican number continued calling Albert fleecing the poor man off his savings. “Mr. Albert, we need the money to be sent today …Don’t hang up the phone, Mr. Albert …”

The calls continued, “Mr. Albert, don’t tell your wife about this … “

Albert kept on receiving calls at least twice daily on some days, and up to fifty times a day on other days! This continued for four years and the scam milked Albert of thousands of dollars.

Finally, on March 21st, 2015, the scammer called again demanding another $1,500 payment and Albert Poland could only scrape up $400.

Psychologically drained and probably realizing he could not take the torture anymore, Albert Poland became deranged and he was shattered to pieces. He went to his basement, took out a gun, and shot himself.  Albert left a note telling his family not to spend too much money on his funeral because he hoped that the $3 million would still arrive.

Albert Poland commits suicide

Albert Poland commits suicide

Funny enough, the heartless criminal kept calling the family phone for three months after Poland’s death. After being informed of Albert’s suicide, the evil scum bag merely laughed.

These stories happen every day to the elderly. Let’s take time out and ensure proper education and protection of the elderly from evil scammers who are ever ready to take advantage, even to the detriment of their lives.

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