These Science Myth Busters Will Burst Your Mind


Imagine, all through primary and secondary school, you were taught some scientific ‘stuff’ that you whole heartedly held as the truth. Then one day, you discover that they were all LIES. That is exactly what is about to happen when you read these Science myth busters. Let’s do it.

Myth buster1: There are four states of matter, not three. These are solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

Myth buster 2: Lightning can strike twice on the spot but in close spaces.

Myth buster 3: Bananas DO NOT grow on trees. The banana is a giant shrub, not a tree. That’s why the body of the banana, where the leaves grow out from, is soft and not woody.

Myth buster 4: The mustard seed is not the tiniest seed in the world. The orchid seed is the record holder for the tiniest seed.

Myth buster 5: Humans have 9 senses NOT 5

These, in addition to the sense of sight, sound, feeling, and taste are:

Proprioception, sense of orientation in space.

Thermoception, ability to sense temperature.

Equilibrioception, ability to sense balance.

Interoception, ability to sense one’s physiological wellbeing.

Which of these myth busters surprised you most?

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