See What Dele Momodu Said About His Wife During Lockdown


Renowned journalist, businessman, motivational speaker, CEO and publisher of Ovation International magazine, Chief Dele Momodu did something amazing to his beloved spouse during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Mrs Mobolaji Abiodun Momodu, wife of the publishing guru was showered with an encomium for ‘creatively turning’ the coronavirus lockdown holiday ‘moment into a spectacular holiday…’

The Ovation boss, on Saturday 28 of March, took to his Twitter handle, @DeleMomodu, praising his ‘madam’ for spicing up the atmosphere with a delicious meal of vegetable soup (efo) and a carefully moulded mound of eba.


The delicious picture of eba and efo drew in 199 comments. Here are a few reactions of people to Dele Momodu’s tweet.


Chief Momodu, obviously, is the kind of man who appreciates the simple things of life. By the way, how many of us have come out, during this lockdown, to appreciate our wives’ cooking? It is normal for many of us to see our wives’ efforts as a normal routine.

This lockdown should be the right time to show our better halves appreciation for keeping our homes running smoothly. Thank you, Chief for appreciating madam’s efforts. This truly shows your depth of love for her.


Ovation boss, Chief Momodu was born 16 May 1960 in Osun State. His numerous awards and honours come from years of relentless dedication to his craft as a journalist.

Dele Momodu has his footprints in writing about business, music, politics, literature, and the fashion industry. He currently writes a weekly column called “PENdulum” for Thisday newspaper. His world class magazine, Ovation International started in 1996 in London during the horrific years of June 12.


Chief Momodu was in exile during this period after escaping the Abacha death machinery through the Seme border.

Dele Momodu’s estimated worth currently stands at $40million.

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