“Surrogacy For 1.5million Naira!” Announces A Twitter User


I had a lengthy phone call with a beautiful family member of mine whom I hadn’t seen for ages. She was interested in offering surrogacy services. If you are in need of a surrogate mother go ahead and leave a comment with your contact and indicate if you wish your comment remains private.

After the phone chat, I stumbled across this piece of tweet I thought of sharing with you.

Tweeter user @Jacyntaekeh03

Tweeter user @Jacyntaekeh03

A twitter user with the handle @Jacynthaeke3 created quite a stir after announcing on her twitter page that an offer of #1.5million was available to any one interested in surrogacy who can meet the following criteria:

Criteria for surrogacy from Twitter user

Criteria for surrogacy from Twitter user

@jacynthaeke3 later asked anyone interested to DM her. Her post gathered 1293 comments and 3017 retweets.

Here are some of the comments from the Twitter thread:

@nellsbond said, “To all of you saying ‘your child! Your child!!’ It’s not your child. They are just renting ur womb for 9 months for 1.2m. It’s not your egg or sperm. How much to rent full flat for Lekki? If u are capable and can push very well, do it. E beta pass abortion wey una dey do before.”

@omogeko responded to @nellson saying, “Lol. That flat in Lekki analogy was just a joke though. I understand your point. But I believe a lot of people would do it for 1.2m or even less.”

@iamimmanuel said, “Lmao, $2,400 to suffer the different mood swings of pregnancy and the pain of giving birth to a child that will never call you “mummy”
Nothing will make anyone do this than poverty.” He also added, “Cos some people as usual are playing the “humanity” card on me, I had to Google this to be sure I wasn’t too serious about the price.
Average amount is $50,000-$80,000 aside other allowances like health insurance etc. Compare to $2,400 here and you’ll be fine.” He also gave a link for more info: https://t.co/4OqOPZ8qkM

@empopson said, “Some olosho go run this package well well. Some just need the money to make up lost grounds but the aftermath is the deal.. The baby not gonna be theirs and they can’t see him or her again. Nah this kind thing dey happen for those baby factories but now it’s modernised. OmG 😭😭”

@IfyThis said, “Increase am to 5m abeg in the next 9month I would deliver twins sharperly. I know what I’m saying.”

@daplustic asked a pertinent question, “All the listed conditions look quite reasonable to limit childbirth complications except the good looking part I do not seem to get. Will the baby take the surrogate’s genes? Hell No.!”

@uddieiwueke also asked a similar question, “Wait, hold up!!! Is it her egg they will use?? Is yes, Omo, this money suppose be 10% oh!”

These were just a few of the comments gathered from the thread. It is true that there are no regulations of surrogacy in Nigeria, and according to the website, english.alarabiya.net, “In Nigeria, there are no laws governing surrogacy.



Lack of legislation leaves parents and the surrogate vulnerable to inadequate medical screening, a lack of psychological support and excessive use of Caesarean sections.

Ayo Sogunro, a human rights lawyer, said Nigerian courts were likely to follow common law precedents recognizing the rights of both parties in a surrogacy contract.

For Chike, the lack of proper legislation was too much of a risk and last month he closed his online agency after five years.

“We will not respond to any surrogacy requests. We thank you very much for your support,” a message reads on the firm’s Facebook page.

Chike said his involvement in commercial surrogacy has left him facing possible legal action for human trafficking — and it was not worth the risk.

“Nigeria is not ripe enough (for surrogacy) until there’s legislation in place,” he added.”

That is the blatant truth about surrogacy in Nigeria. But there are those that are honest enough and wish to undergo surrogacy have come out successful after spending a couple of millions of naira.

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade is the founder and CEO of Precious Conceptions. Her12-year struggle with infertility was due to uterine fibroids and post-surgery complications. Doctors advised her that the only chance of becoming a mother was by using a surrogate. According to her, “I didn’t know where to start.”

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade and family

Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade and family

After a discussion with her husband and their pastor, they moved to India where surrogacy is legal.

In 2012, they had the most beautiful set of twins and that was how the idea of setting up an agency to help women with fertility problems came about.

Linda Ikeji, allegedly, had her baby through surrogacy

Linda Ikeji, allegedly, had her baby through surrogacy

In 2018, Nigerians felicitated with Linda Ikeji on the birth of her first child at thirty-seven. While, controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo revealed that Linda paid a surrogate mother N1.8M for the birth of the child on Monday morning at a US hospital.

At least both Toyin and Linda’s surrogacy were done legally, do you know that a shady, underground method still prevails in Nigeria?!!

Read a fictional account of such ‘backyard’ surrogacy that was earlier published on Ovasabi. The story is based on a true life story:


Check out Toyin Lolu-Ogunmade speak on surrogacy in Nigeria

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