Learning The Art Of Marriage From A Cornfield


Marriage can be comparable to an evening sky when it  begins to shroud like a thick black blanket across the horizon. One moment its the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen, moments later, a phase of deep darkness ensues. Like right at this very moment, as the evening semi darkness began to descend and no thanks to the public power supply company who can never maintain a steady supply of electricity.

The evening cool breeze was relaxing to father and son who sat on a wooden bench enjoying the freshness of the air while watching the ready-to-be harvested cornfield. But the son was troubled with thoughts concerning marriage.

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The corn field

The cornfield

Perceiving that the atmosphere was also ripe for a heart to heart conversation with his old man, the young man decided to ask his father, “Why do people often marry a different person other than the ones they fell in love with?”  

The father replied, “In order to answer your question, enter the cornfield and choose the best corn and come back. But you must pass through the field only once and you must not turn back.”

Immediately, the son went into the field and went through the first row, he saw beautiful, ripe, yellow corn looking delicious and ready to be harvested. He certainly loved what he saw, but thought to himself whether there may be even bigger and better ones. Off he went searching, meticulously observing every corn. He was right. He did see a bigger one, much beautiful than the first one. But again, he thought to himself, maybe there is an even bigger and more beautiful one lying ahead of him.

Looking for the best corn

Looking for the best corn

At the end of the search and after going through over half of the cornfield, he realized that the corn he earlier left may have been better than the ones he had just seen. Not only did he miss out on some very good corn hoping to get the best, he finally admitted that this was a mission in futility because every corn he checked out later actually had a flaw. None were perfect. He went back to his father empty-handed since he wasn’t able to make up his mind.  The young man did not forgive himself for letting go of his best corn.  

Hear the father’s response: “You continued looking for a better one at the expense of the best one and when you realized your error of judgment, it was already too late because you couldn’t go back. This is the same error we all make when we fall in love. Without realizing it, we end up throwing away the best thing that has ever happened to us and the best person in our life may not come in fancy packages. She may just turn out to be ordinary corn. Once you truly fall in love, you must never let go of that person due to your anger, ego, or comparisons with others.” The old man paused as if trying to reconnect his inner thoughts.

She may just turn out to be an ordinary corn

She may just turn out to be an ordinary corn

“I have a second quest for you my son, go to the cornfield again and choose the biggest corn, and come back. The rule still remains the same as before, you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.”

The farmer’s son reached the middle of the field. This time he picked that same average-looking corn he had earlier seen and went back to his father.  

The father inspected the corn intently and said, “This time you didn’t come empty-handed. You looked for one that is just nice, and you had put your faith that this is the best you can get. That is how one makes a choice for marriage.”

The ordinary corn might turn out to be the right one

The ordinary corn might turn out to be the right one

Obviously fascinated by the depth of his father’s wisdom, the young man asked, “So, Father, are you saying that it’s better to marry a person you love? Or you are saying it’s better to love the person you marry?”  

The old man nodded and smiled at his son replying, “My son, the moment you invest your love on anything in this world, that thing becomes your most important treasure in the universe. Even if it’s just corn.”

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