The EPL Is Back!

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The English Premier League is back and we have our first slate of more than two games, with four scheduled on Saturday. All four games also feature home sides lower in the table than their opponents. If you missed it yesterday, I’ve introduced a unit based system to track and monitor things and returns. Each bet will be allocated a number of units between 1-10 to show my confidence in the (with 10 being the highest level of confidence). The units have no monetary value and it’s entirely your call on whether or not to follow them. Here’s how we have started off:

EPL is back

EPL is back

Given players haven’t been able to do much in the way of team training until early June, there is also some added volatility to the remainder of games this season. Playing games without any fans in the stadium is also something which could have an unknown level of impact so it’ll be a wise move to take things even more slow and sensible to start things off. 

Leicester’s push for a top-4 finish and Champions League qualification stuttered somewhat before the league suspension, with two draws and two losses before they beat lowly Aston Villa in their last league game before the break. Watford’s league form has been something of a roller coaster ride, going six games unbeaten followed by a five-game streak without a win. Then came their remarkable 3-0 victory against Liverpool (their only loss of the league season) before losing again before the break.

Leicester is a team who thrives on the counter-attack, while Watford relies on playing an energetic, high-tempo game. That might not be possible for Watford given the lack of fitness after three months off. Leicester’s style of play shouldn’t be affected by that.

Leicester has had success away to weaker teams all season. In seven away game against teams in the bottom half of the league, they’ve won six and lost one. In all six victories, Leicester has also managed to score at least two goals. Watford’s home form has been erratic; 4 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats. Notable wins against Liverpool and Manchester United mixed in with poor defeats against Brighton and West Ham. The Watford fans can make it a difficult place for visiting teams and without them, I think they might lack that edge to get a result.

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