What Is Ovasabi?



Hi! My name is Anthony Adams Garland, I’m from Nigeria and I own this blog. By the way, I am an amateur blogger and I do this for fun. Let me tell you what Ovasabi is all about.

Most Nigerians, without blinking, will tell you right away who or what an ‘Ovasabi’ is. For the uninitiated, kindly let me fill you in. Ovasabi is a derogatory Nigerian pidgin phrase referring to someone who claims to know it all.

We, the ovasabi generation, rule the nation

We, the ovasabi generation, rule the nation

Let’s dig deeper

Ovasabi is a reflection of the weird. It’s a reflection of the restless mind; a mind that craves to know more. The Ovasabi blog is indeed a chronicle of my personal experiences, events and desires (sometimes dark and twisted). Most of the posts are real events the I’veĀ  had, or may still be experiencing.

Ive tried to creatively present every post in a story or easy conversational form using, sometimes, fictitious names. A lot of these stories are true-life experiences of me.

In order capture my weird desire and essence for gathering knowledge about the Nigerian environment, I have inculcated stories and trends about articles relating to Nigeria.

The author’s choice of the name OVASABI captures the innate quality to know it all. A trait that is now deeply entrenched in the DNA of the Nigerian youths.

It is a fact that Nigerian youths grow up in the toughest of environments. The author’s experience is no different. The modern Nigerian youth have chosen not to conform to archaic idiosyncrasies and modes of psychological slavery known as IGNORANCE. Instead, they have embraced the mantra of KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Adams Oshiomhole

Nigerians have to be an ‘ovasabi’ to survive in Nigeria

Despite being equipped with knowledge and skills, the author claims the current generation of Nigerians is turning into a wasted one because the governmental system fails to create a platform to utilize the exceptional skills of today’s youths. The fallout? Youths have become tools for the devil’s workshop. They are left to forage for new and more sophisticated skills to survive an unfriendly environment – an environment where necessities are not provided for by the government. Nigerians generally have turned into 24/7 thinking machines! They think and ponder how to provide power, security, health, and every basic necessity any responsible government should be providing.

What is the outcome of this irresponsibility? It is darn too glaring: most youths have succumbed to the dark side of internet fraud and other social vices. This current environment is what the author portrays in his blog, OVASABI.

Enjoy reading his witty, sarcastic, and sometimes unconventional reportage as he takes you through a journey of life, as he sees it, in the streets of Lagos State. His personal experiences will give you rare, sometimes shocking, provocative, and hilarious glimpses of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of surviving in Nigeria.

Mr. Know it all

Mr. Know it all

OVASABI brings into one space, the author’s personal experiences, news, do-it-yourself features, tech info, and futuristics. These are the basics that drive, the author, a modern-day Mr. Know-it-all, and a survivor of one of the harshest terrains in the world. Feel free to search through his delightful posts, and experience what it truly means to live in Nigeria. OVASABI is everything Nigeria and so much more.

In this blog, the author intends to keep the reads short, sweet, and simple, spiced with a dash of sarcastic humor.

I am Anthony Adams Garland. I am a Nigerian, a father, an Art teacher, a blogger, and a Biochemist(inactive one). Welcome to my Nigerian world.